Whoops! What just happened?

I've just noticed that the last blog entry is a while back – so I'll try covering this.
In November Hej Stylus! -  my Mac Application - went the into its second round of production.
I've revamped the Website, made a new icon, created the video series on Hej Stylus! and cared upon the customer's needs (support) and did the PR for Hej Stylus!. Phew!
I also worked as usual – so I've paused the less important things (?) like this blog. 

So here's a little introduction to the V2.0 of Hej Stylus!:


Hej Stylus! V2.0

Hej Stylus! V2.0


Hej Stylus! – a system-wide Mac Application – serves now as a control center for the smoothing of all stylus features such as position, pressure, tilt and rotation. It has a built in function to control how the applied pressure is transferred to your art-application as well it provides shareable presets.

Check out the video:


I'm hoping that this tech is helping emerging digital artists as well as the seniors of this business. 

So back to business. Hej Stylus! will roll alone for a while now and I'll be focussing completely on my work..

I've also created a lot of new brushes in the past which I'll be adding to the Dev-Section and to the separate Sets. This still might take a few – but be assured: new stuff is coming soon!